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Raise the Energy Level with this Power Words List

A simple conversational technique enables anyone—even the most reserved person—to convey energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Used by dentists and their team members in interactions with patients, this amazing method achieves fantastic results. The italicized words in that last sentence are known as “power words.” By learning how to use them effectively when communicating with patients, you and your staff will find it much easier to reach your performance targets, whether it’s a higher case acceptance rate, more referrals from patients, or reduced no-shows.

Put power words into scripts.

When writing scripts that map out conversations with patients, identify opportunities for using power words to generate excitement, strengthen relationships, and motivate patients to follow your recommendations. Change ordinary modifiers to extraordinary ones. Dramatize the benefits of the services you provide by using powerful language to describe them.

Get accustomed to using power words.

If you or a team member is normally soft-spoken, low-key or matter-of-fact, using power words may, at first, seem over-the-top. You and your team members should make a commitment, as a group, to begin using power words frequently, raising the energy level in all kinds of practice-patient interactions. Before long it will come naturally, and the positive results you observe will reinforce this new habit.

As with the scripts overall, give individuals latitude about which power words to use.

Scripting works best when team members master the concept and put it into their own words. By the same token, they should use power words they’re comfortable with. If you would never refer to anything as being fabulous, find an alternative that’s more “you.”

Power words work so well because the technique is based on human nature. If you get excited about something, it’s much easier to get the other person excited about it, too. Patient motivation plays a greater role than ever in dental practice success, and power words are powerful motivators.

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