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Staffing: Seven Steps to Build a Superior Team

Course Number: 700

Step 1: Recruiting

There are no guarantees when it comes to recruiting and there are no “slam dunk” strategies. The first step is to write a job description that clearly defines exactly what you want the job to be and be able to communicate it to a potential candidate.

The second strategy is online advertising. Remember that one key element of identifying good candidates is making your ad stand out. Make your ad energetic, enthusiastic, and upbeat. Talk about positive factors such as joining a talented team, having a true purpose in the position, gaining opportunities for growth and development, and earning a signing bonus.

The third strategy is to offer team members a referral bonus if they refer a candidate for a position that is hired and stays 90 days. Team members often know people that would make excellent additions to the staff and when a team member recommends another individual, it is someone they would like to work with.

The fourth strategy is to speak to recruiting firms. Recruiting firms often have broader reach and more candidates, but they also have the same challenge in a tight labor market of not having as many people to offer for potential positions. So, it's important to engage in excellent interviewing, even though the recruiting firm has theoretically screened the candidate.

The fifth strategy is to identify part-time individuals if you cannot find a full-time person. There has been a recent uptick in the number of part-time dental staff members as some people no longer want to work a full four- or five-day week.

The sixth strategy is to reconnect with previous team members who have left employment with the practice but might be interested in coming back. Frequently, a former team member returning to the practice can be a win-win.

The seventh strategy is to offer benefits beyond the basics. To attract excellent candidates some practices are now offering gas benefits, extra days off, retirement benefits, and even retention bonuses.

The eighth strategy is signing bonuses. Signing bonuses prior to the pandemic of 2020 were mostly used in recruiting sports figures and high-level executives. Now they are more common in dentistry as well and should be considered. You can get a sense of how to structure a signing bonus by reading online advertisements from other offices.