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Peri-implantitis: All You Want (or not) To Know

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Dental implants have become a common, standard of care, treatment for replacement of missing teeth. Many patients are requesting dental implant treatment in order to improve their esthetics, function, and phonetic abilities. Overall, the survival rates of dental implants are considered to be high, however, the complication rates and the potential for disease around the implant are not uncommon. Many patients believe that implants require less cleaning and maintenance since they are not natural. The truth, nevertheless, is exactly the opposite. The most common and challenging complication of dental implants is peri-implantitis. Peri-implant diseases are common biological complications of dental implant therapy, which may result in the failure of dental implants. We, the clinicians, should understand the etiology and contributing factors of these common diseases.1

Implant treatment can be very expensive, time consuming and challenging in some cases. Thus, it is of paramount importance, that we, and our patients will be very well aware of the possible complications and the ways to prevent them. The patients’ current health status and risk factors should be identified during this stage and be addressed or minimized before the patient receives dental implants.

Figure 1. Peri-implantitis lesion (intra-operative view).

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Figure 1. Peri-implantitis lesion (intra-operative view).