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Sealants: The Added Link in Prevention

Course Number: 673

Glass Ionomer Cement Sealant Procedure

Step One – Clean the tooth with plain pumice, and then rinse with water (Figure 20).imageFigure - 20
Step Two – Apply 20% polyacrylic acid cavity conditioner for 10 seconds with a microbrush (e.g., Cavity Conditioner, GC America) Figures 21 and 22.imageFigures 21 - 22
Step Three – Rinse off the conditioner with water (Figure 23).imageFigure - 23
Step Four – Suction/gently dry the tooth to remove excess or pooling water, but do not dessicate (Figure 24).imageFigure - 24
Step Five – Tap the GIC sealant capsule on its side to loosen the glass particles (e.g., Fuji TRIAGE, GC America) (Figures 25 and 26).imageFigures 25 - 26
Step Six – Activate the glass ionomer cement sealant capsule by firmly depressing the colored plunger on the bottom of the capsule against the countertop. Hold down for two seconds (Figures 27 and 28).imageFigures 27 - 28
Step Seven – Mix the capsule for 10 seconds in a capsule mixer (Figure 29).imageFigure - 29
Step Eight – Place the capsule into the applicator gun and click 2-3 times to move the material up towards the tip (Figure 30). imageFigure - 30
Step Nine – Immediately apply the material to the tooth’s pits and fissured grooves with the capsule applicator (Figure 31).imageFigure - 31
Step Ten – Quickly adapt the GIC to the tooth with a damp microbrush or cotton tip application. Alternatively, GICs can be applied with a gloved finger and pressed onto the teeth. Do not manipulate the material beyond its working time (Figure 32).imageFigure - 32
Step Eleven – Allow the material to auto-cure for 2 and 1/2 minutes. Suction isolation systems should be turned down or of, so as not to dry out the material. The heat of a curing light can help accelerate the set, and some brands of GICs (such as Fuji Triage Pink, GC America) can be command-set with the light. Do not allow the patient to bite down until the material is fully set. Fluoride varnish or petroleum jelly may be used to coat the GICS after it is set to help prevent excess moisture gain or loss (Figure 33).imageFigure - 33
Step Twelve – Instruct the patient to eat soft foods for 48 hours.