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Anomalies of Tooth Structure

Course Number: 651


Hypercementosis is overproduction or increased proliferation of cementum on the tooth root (Figure 47). This can result in mild to marked misshaping of the tooth root with a bulbous-like or lobular appearance.9,10 The excess cementum will appear slightly less radiopaque than the dentin with the lamina dura and periodontal ligament space evident around the excess cementum.9 Usually the additional cementum demonstrates a smooth outline, but it can also appear irregular.9,10 The exact cause is unknown but hypercementosis may be a reaction to inflammation or loss of function of a supraerupted tooth due to absence of an opposing tooth.8-10 Hypercementosis is known to be associated with fractured teeth or teeth in heavy occlusion.9,10

Periapical radiographs of several posterior teeth demonstrating hypercementosis

Figure 47a and 47b.

Periapical radiographs of maxillary right (A) and mandibular left (B) posterior teeth demonstrating hypercementosis.