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Evaluating and Establishing Ideal Smile Esthetics : Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Course Number: 649

Relationships Between Smile Components

Smile esthetics contributes to overall facial attractiveness through the interaction of the individual components of smile esthetics, smile and facial symmetry, and cultural/gender influences on external perception.42,43Increases in facial attractiveness, including smile esthetics, has been shown to be related to an improved quality of dating partners.45-48 Furthermore, attractive individuals are perceived to be more intelligent and nicer than those assessed as less attractive.45-48 It is very difficult, however, to create a single standard for facial attractiveness and to quantify the contribution of individual components to overall attractiveness. There are also significant differences in the variation of what is perceived attractive between dental healthcare professionals and laypersons.49 In general, increased facial and smile symmetry and individuals who meet associated gender norms is associated with and increased in the perception of attractiveness.50,51