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Using an Evidence-based Approach to Making Patient Recommendations for Power Toothbrushes

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Finding relevant evidence to answer clinical questions requires conducting a focused search of the peer-reviewed professional literature. To assist professionals in keeping up with the literature and in making it possible to quickly find needed information without leaving your location, online access to MEDLINE, the premier and largest scientific database, is available at no cost through PubMed. Searching PubMed allows you to search through thousands of journals at the same time, thus you are not limited to a journal to which you may have a subscription. It also allows you to search and organize articles by level of evidence. For further information on this subject, please view the peer-reviewed CE course Strategies for Searching the Literature Using PubMed (CE340).

Some of the preferred dentally related journals indexed in PubMed include: American Journal of Dentistry, The Journal of Clinical Dentistry, Evidence Based Dentistry, The Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Journal of the American Dental Association, Journal of Dental Hygiene, International Journal of Dental Hygiene, the Dental Assistant Journal and the journals of the different specialty associations. Table 2 provides a listing of evidence information sources.

PubMed - Figure 1

Table 2. Evidence Information Sources.