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The Concepts of Four-handed Dentistry Including Ergonomic Instrument Transfer and Exercises for Stress Reduction

Course Number: 643

Use of Non-Locking Forceps

  • If non-locking forceps are used, the assistant must maintain a grasp on the forceps to ensure the beaks do not separate during transfer.

  • After the material to be transferred has been placed into the forceps beaks, the forceps are paralleled with the used instrument that is to be exchanged.

  • The instrument is exchanged in the same manner as other instruments.

  • When the forceps are returned to the assistant, the working end of the forceps is grasped in the palm of the hand to eliminate dropping the contents.

  • The forceps are not rolled back into position, but rather the assistant discards the materials from the forceps and returns the instrument to the tray.