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The Concepts of Four-handed Dentistry Including Ergonomic Instrument Transfer and Exercises for Stress Reduction

Course Number: 643


In this brief overview the reader has been exposed to the basic concepts of four‑handed dentistry. These concepts allow the practitioner to work smarter, not harder. When the concepts are applied to the dental team’s daily practice, it is likely that the team will identify areas that relate to increased stress and reduced productivity. If so, keep an open mind and begin today to determine how changes can be made to modify your mode of practice to make it more productive and less stressful. Also, do not forget to take time to use some of the suggested exercises to relieve stress.

Use of standardized instrument transfer techniques can yield significant benefits for the operating team. Like most psychomotor skills practice is required before proficiency can be achieved. The effort required is worthwhile if the team wants to maximize efficiency, safety, and reduce stress throughout the workday. To be successful in instrument transfer the dental team must practice and establish consistent procedural steps for common procedures. In addition, the dental team must develop a communication system that ensures understanding between the individuals to recognize when an instrument is needed or in what location some type of action must take place.