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The 2018 AAP/EFP Classification of Periodontal & Peri-implant Diseases

Course Number: 610


This course has provided the learner with insight into the rationale and complexity involved in the development of the 2018 periodontal disease classification system that was created by representatives from around the world who are experts in the discipline of periodontology. This system was well thought out, using the most current literature and aligning it with new developments in the human microbiome as well as the new paradigm of Precision Medicine. This new classification has a built-in plan for periodic revision and once the concept of staging and grading are learned, arriving at a diagnosis can be relatively simple. One thing that should be kept in mind is that when assessing the stage and grade, it is not necessary to fill every single cell in the grid. As well, there is built in flexibility that enables one to revise the initial diagnosis once response to individual treatment based on patient adherence to biofilm and risk factor control is assessed.