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Head and Neck Anatomy: Part I – Bony Structures

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Frontal Bone

The frontal bone is the cranial bone that extends from the superior border of the orbits to the coronal suture. As it makes up the upper 1/3 or the face it articulates with a number of facial bones. This bone contains a paranasal sinus.

Markings – The superciliary arch is a thickened area extending superiorly from the supra-orbital margin to help protect the eye There is also a pair of rounded protrusions in the bone above the brow lines each known as a frontal eminence. They vary in size by the individual and are generally more prominent in males.

Openings – There is small notch in the margin of each orbit with an associated opening to allow nerves and blood vessels passage. These are known as the supraorbital foramina or notches.

Illustration highlighting the frontal bone
Illustration showing the markings of the frontal section of the skull

Figure 8.

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