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Practical Panoramic Imaging

Course Number: 589

Slit Radiography

The side of the patient’s dental arches closest to the receptor is recorded in focus while the side closest to the x-ray source is blurred out of focus (Figure 19). The x-ray source has a vertical slit aperture and directs the x-ray beam in a lingual to labial direction through the structures. Panoramic machines vary in style but operate according to the principles outlined above. Some models allow the patient to sit-down while in others the patient stands. The resulting image is uniformly magnified due to the long object-receptor distance with some premolar proximal contact overlapping. However, this technique produces good overall representations of the teeth and surrounding anatomical structures.

ce589 Slit Radiography - Figure 1

Figure 19. Schematic diagram of simple panoramic motion incorporating slit beam radiography and linked motion of x-ray tubehead and receptor.