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Radiographic Selection Criteria

Course Number: 584

Adult Edentulous Patient

For the edentulous new patient, an individualized radiographic examination based on patient clinical signs, symptoms and the proposed treatment plan is recommended.1 Several studies which focused on treatment outcomes indicated that there is little evidence to warrant screening radiographic imaging for the new edentulous patient.1,23,24

For those edentulous new patients who present for the initial assessment of oral prosthetic treatment, a radiographic prescription was deemed appropriate.1 The radiographic examination recommended in this instance may consist of the following possible surveys: full mouth periapical images or a combination of panoramic, occlusal or other extraoral imaging. This is especially important when implant therapy is planned for the edentulous new patient as radiographic imaging is important in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the patient.1,8

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Figure 5. Panoramic Image of Edentulous Patient