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Introduction to Infection Prevention

Course Number: 582

Infection Prevention Education and Training

Compliance with Standard and Transmission-based Precautions is significantly improved when HCP understand the rationale for written policies and practices. Infection prevention education and training is mandated (1) prior to initial assignment of HCP to tasks in which exposure to blood and other potentially infection material may occur, (2) when new tasks or procedures affect the employee’s occupational exposure, and (3) and at a minimum annually.2,4 Education and training has been related to a decrease in HAI.

The objectives of the education training program are to instruct HCP regarding the risk of occupational exposure to potentially infectious agents and infection prevention procedures/protocols appropriate for and specific to their assigned duties. The educational information provided should be appropriate in content and vocabulary to the educational level, literacy, and language of the HCP. Documentation of participation in infection prevention education training program must be maintained for 3 years.2,4