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Community-Based Dental Care: An Alternative Approach to Improve Access to Dental Providers

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Establishing an Advisory Council

Once early plans are made, it is critical to engage the local population by forming an “Advisory Council.” This council would consist of local stakeholders and provide an outlet for the expression of support and concerns. Furthermore, the council will be able to supply information about the specific traits of the community being served that may not be known to the dental professionals. The council will help in establishing support for the program. It is critical the members of the Advisory Council have voice in the planning of the program. This will provide for better insight and ownership by all involved. A listing of potential stakeholders to include in the Advisory Council is provided in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Potential Members for an Advisory Council.

  1. Key member/s of the dental professional team
  2. Oral health champion/s from the population to be served
  3. Lay representatives from the population to be served-not the oral health champion/s above
  4. Representative/s from the targeted location at which the project will be delivered
  5. Representative/s from local community/civic organizations that may support the project
  6. Representative/s from the local government/city council
  7. Representative/s from local businesses that may support the project
  8. Representative/s from county/city health departments
  9. Representative/s from local medical and dental providers
  10. Representatives from local/regional health care coalitions