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A String around Your Finger: Do We Really Need to Floss?

Course Number: 550

Interdental Irrigation/Powered Flossers

Powered flossers, including both water flossers, air flossers, and powered manual flossers, when use adjunctively with toothbrushing, decrease interdental biofilm deposits and gingival bleeding when compared to toothbrushing alone.83,100,105 The magnitude of this reduction is variable and may be dependent upon the type and design of powered flosser.83 It has also been noted that in patients with dental implants, the emergence profile and circular cross-section of dental implants may demonstrate additional benefit from the use of powered flossers.104,105 Powered flossers may also be advantageous in patients who lack the dexterity to perform other forms of interdental cleaning or who have not demonstrated adherence with an interdental cleaning regimen in the past.83 In such patients, powered flossers may allow improved access to interdental cleaning and may provide motivation.83