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Basic Techniques for Management of the Infant and Toddler Dental Patient

Course Number: 54

Attracting Young Patients to the Practice

The strategy involved with attracting younger patients is very simple. Educate parents on the benefits of infant dental care and to your ability and willingness to provide such benefits. This can be accomplished by:

Distribution of In-office Literature: Placing literature where parents have access to them will elicit comments and questions about infant dental care. You or your staff should personally hand such material to parents who are pregnant or are accompanied by an infant during a visit to the office. Information can be obtained through the ADA, the AAPD, from your oral health products representative, or create your own.


Pediatricians and Obstetricians: Ask local pediatricians and obstetricians to distribute information on infant and toddler dental care in their office. By developing a close relationship with these professionals they might permit you to attach your business card or imprint your name on the literature.

Prenatal Classes and Parent Support Groups: Establish yourself as an authority on infant and toddler dental care by addressing parents attending prenatal classes at your local hospital. Arrange to do presentations for parent support groups at nursery schools and day care centers, especially if a pediatric dentist is not providing such a service.