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Tobacco 101: A Guide to Working with Nicotine Addicted Patients

Course Number: 534

COVID-19 Implications for Tobacco and Nicotine Users

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world’s population, those with compromises to their respiratory and immune systems have been vulnerable. “Smoking makes COVID worse if you get it and smoking — and vaping — increase the risk of being infected and developing COVID‑19.” An important study which also addressed vaping and young users.57

In addition, the association between youth smoking, electronic cigarette use and COVID showed that among young people (ages 13-24), a COVID diagnosis was five times more likely among ever-users of e-cigarettes only, seven times more likely among ever-dual-users, and 6.8 times more likely among past 30-day dual-users.57

These findings are still valid as younger people are still getting COVID.58

Since COVID’s initial appearance health care providers and cessation counselors have had to learn and adapt to working with patients in this new environment. Smoking cessation counselors have adapted by using Zoom or similar support systems to help their clients.