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Periodontics: Oral Health and Wellness I. Understanding Periodontal Health, Recognizing Disease States and Choices in Treatment Strategies

Course Number: 50


  • Periodontitis results in the loss of periodontal attachment structures. If left untreated, tooth loss eventually may result.

  • The currently available scientific evidence supports consistent plaque control at home and the routine use of SRP along with locally-delivered sustained-release antimicrobials and sub-antimicrobial systemic dosing of doxycycline in the professional treatment of chronic periodontitis.

  • Osseous and regenerative surgery has been shown to provide desirable outcomes in consecutive case reports and animal models.

  • Surgical and non-surgical therapies are complementary options available for consideration over time when managing the occurrence and progression of a chronic disease.

  • More scientific evidence is needed to answer questions that will even better define therapies most likely to produce even better long-term outcomes.