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Regulated Medical Waste Management

Course Number: 498

Storing Regulated Medical Waste

The storage of RMW must be in accordance with applicable regulations of the United States, States and Territories, and political subdivisions of States and Territories. In preparation for storage, sharps containers must be closed. If there is a chance of leakage, the container must be placed in a secondary container.4 Red biohazard bags must be “twist tied.” If a bag seems especially heavy, it must be place inside another red biohazard bag prior to moving it to storage.

RMW must be stored in a designated, conveniently located storage area. The storage space must have limited access; must be well ventilated and must be inaccessible to pests. The universal biohazard symbol must be clearly visible on the access door to the storage area and state “authorized personnel only” (Figure 12).4 Any refrigerator or freezer used for storage of RMW must also be clearly be marked with the universal biohazard symbol.

ce498 fig12 osha biohazad sign

Figure 12. OSHA biohazard authorized personnel only sign.