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Regulated Medical Waste Management

Course Number: 498

Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Tracking

Some states require that generators maintain records of the quantity of RMW generated and its disposition. Some require the submission of an annual report.7 The OMWM should maintain an Infectious Waste Log that includes: date, type of waste, amount (weight, volume, or number of containers), and disposition. If infectious waste is transported off-site, the receiving facility must provide the generator written documentation of proper treatment and disposal.

Some states require cradle-to-grave documentation of RMW disposal. For such cases, a multi-copy document where the generator, transporter, and treatment and/or disposal site each retain a copy is typically used.7 Ultimately, once the waste is disposed of, the disposal site will return the final copy of the document to the generator. All documents must be maintained on file for three years.