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Aging, Systemic Disease and Oral Health: Implications for Women Worldwide (Part I)

Course Number: 302

Staying Informed

The plethora of literature on the oral-systemic connection challenges dental professionals to differentiate fact from fiction. Further complicating the issue, patients can obtain information as rapidly as dental professionals with the speed of the digital information highway. Table 4 lists several resources to help dental and medical professionals stay current with valid, credible research related to oral and systemic health. There are unprecedented opportunities for dental professionals to provide individualized care when addressing patient's oral care needs. All patients, female and aging alike have unique health needs indicative of specialized care. With numerous research findings revealed each day, our role as a dental professional is exciting and challenging as we continue to understand oral discoveries and systemic relationships. We as professionals will continue to evolve to best assist our patients in achieving optimal oral health and overall well-being.